Deha Tech has 20 years’ experience of development, design and production of Chimney / Stack and solutions for customers all over the world.

Our engineering department is the centre of the development and design of world class steel stacks according to customer specifications.

Chimney / Stacks solutions which are at any time in accordance with the latest national and international norms and standards, they are constructed and produced according to the specific wishes and requirements of the customer.

Our product range includes steel stacks for all industries, and our plants meet any requirement for steel stacks designed and produced for exacting industrial use in widely different industries such as:

  • Power Plants and District Heating Plants
  • Waste İncineration Plants
  • Gas Turbines and Diesel Power Plants
  • Petrochemical and Chemical Plants
  • Paper Mills and Cellulose Plants
  • Steelworks, Mineral Works and Glassworks
  • Concrete and Tile Works
  • Industrial Plants
  • Ventilation and Ventilation Plants

Our skilled and professional engineers develop and design solutions to meet the specific operating conditions

The steel stack is often fitted with ladders for safe climbing for inspection purposes, measuring platforms for taking out flue gas samples, aircraft warning lights etc.

The steel stack is fitted with silencers if there are any legal noise requirements or if the customer specifically asks for it.

We can design, manufacture and erect chimneys suitable for your business. All our products are inspected to ensure high standards. From the initial design to completion of the project, our expert installers will work with you until all of your requirements are met.

Deha Tech`s wide range of industrial Chimneys / Stacks:

  • Freestanding Double Walled Steel Chimneys
  • Freestanding Built-Together Double Walled Steel Chimneys
  • Freestanding Single Walled Steel Chimneys made of Different Materials
  • Noise Absorber for Chimney / Ductwork
  • Gas Turbine Steel Chimneys
  • Concrete Chimneys